Why doesn’t it go away soon after changing the battery?

This is generally caused by the quality of the dry battery, so try to replace the original dry battery when replacing the dry battery. If it is true that the dry battery changed in the professional shop still has such a situation, it proves that the mechanical part of the watch has sludge or gear shaft wear, indicating that the starting voltage and power consumption are too large, resulting in a reduction in the life of the dry battery. Therefore, in addition to changing dry batteries, it is also necessary to do regular maintenance and maintenance of the watch.

Why does the watch stop every hour?

This fault is generally caused by a problem with the core wheel or gear teeth. If it is an old watch, it is mostly related to the wear of the axle eye of the splint. The wear of the axle eye will cause the core wheel to tilt in the splint, which can easily lead to the front end of the minute hand and the dial. The characters or the hands indicating the seconds on the clock rub against each other, while the second hand and thin watches will rub against the inside of the watch glass.

Why does the watch jump to the calendar at noon?

If this happens, it only means that the way you adjust the meter is incorrect. There are 24 hours in a day, but the watch can’t distinguish day or night. The watch calendar is 24 hours, so if you directly adjust to the current time, you may encounter the situation of skipping the calendar at noon. Correct operation method: First, you need to avoid the restricted area of ​​the calendar (8:00 pm to 2:00 am the next day), then push the crown back to the first gear, start to adjust the calendar, and adjust the calendar to the day before the current date. Then turn the head to the outermost to adjust the time, bring the calendar to the current day, and then adjust to the current time.

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